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High Speed Roller Plate Blister Packaging Machine

High Speed Roller Plate Blister Packaging Machine


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The high-speed blister packaging machine is suitable for automatic high-speed blister packaging of regular medicines such as capsules and tablets and candies such as chewing gum, lozenges, and chocolate beans. Reliable performance, equipped with batch number marking and creasing devices, can be designed for blanking without waste, has the advantages of high automation, high production capacity, and can greatly save packaging materials.

Maximum punching speed times/min 240
Maximum punching speed mm 12
Maximum forming area mm 240×320(L×W)
PVC (thickness x width) mm (0.25-0.35)×320
Aluminum foil PTP (thickness x width) mm 0.02×320
PVC coil outer diameter mm <φ700
PTP coil outer diameter mm <φ250
PVC & PTP Core Aperture mm φ70~76
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 4460×1350×1950 (split 2600+1860)
Wooden box 2.77×1.27×1.93 meters; 2.02×1.42×2.23 meters


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