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DY7 Tabletop ampoule filling and capping machine

DY7 Tabletop ampoule filling and capping machine


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The filling and capping machine is a device used for automatically filling liquid or powder into containers and completing the capping process. It is commonly used in industries such as food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals to efficiently and accurately fill and seal products.

Equipped with automated filling and capping functions, the filling and capping machine can be adjusted and operated according to the specific characteristics and requirements of the products. It utilizes advanced sensors and control systems to precisely control the filling volume of liquid or powder and to position and seal the caps once the filling is completed.

The operation of the filling and capping machine typically includes automatic bottle feeding, liquid or powder filling, cap positioning, capping, sealing, and other steps. It is capable of accommodating containers of different specifications and shapes, and it offers high production capacity and stability.

When selecting a filling and capping machine, factors such as product properties, capacity requirements, production speed, and ease of operation need to be considered. Additionally, ensuring the quality and reliability of the equipment is essential to meet the requirements of the production line.

In conclusion, the filling and capping machine is an efficient and intelligent packaging equipment widely used in the filling and capping processes of various liquid or powder products, contributing to enhanced production efficiency and product quality.

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