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Flat aluminum plastic/aluminum plastic packaging machine

Flat aluminum plastic/aluminum plastic packaging machine


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Here are some key points about aluminum plastic packaging machines:

- Function: Used to package products between aluminum foil and plastic film to form a protective barrier and extend shelf life. Common for food, pharmaceuticals etc.

- Process: Feeds in aluminum foil and plastic film which are bonded together as they pass over a forming shoulder. The product is placed in the center and the foils sealed around it.

- Types: Horizontal and vertical machines for flexible packaging formats. Some have augmented reality for easy changeovers.

- Features: Servo motor drives, PLC control system, HMI touchscreen, temperature control, film aligning system, auto lubrication.

- Benefits: High speeds up to 100 packs/min, quick changeovers, variable pack sizes, low operation costs, easy maintenance.

- Options: Feed systems, fillers, checkweighers, metal detectors, printers, conveyors can be integrated for automation.

- Applications: Food packaging like chips, candies, cheese slices; pharmaceutical blister packs; medical device packaging.

- Trends: Growing use of recyclable materials, smaller footprint machines, Industry 4.0 connectivity for data analytics.

In summary, aluminum plastic packaging machines enable efficient protective packaging across industries with user-friendly operation, high productivity and flexibility.

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