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Automatic High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Automatic High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine


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Here are some key points about automatic high speed rotary tablet press machines:

- Function: Used to compress and form pharmaceutical powder into tablets at rapid production rates.

- Technology: Apply high pressure to powder fed into dies using upper and lower punches on rotating turrets.

- Speed: Capable of producing up to 1 million tablets per hour depending on turret size and station configuration.

- Controls: PLC control for setting and adjusting pressure, weight, thickness, hardness parameters.

- Features: Weight control feedback, premixing, forced feeding, dedusting, fully automatic operation.

- Tooling: Standard B and D tooling, single/multi-tip punches and dies, interchangeable turrets.

- Options: In-line tablet testing, coating, printing, vision inspection systems can be integrated.

- Compliance: cGMP compliant design, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data recording and audit trails.

- Trends: Continued growth for high-capacity machines, integrated continuous manufacturing.

In summary, high speed rotary tablet presses enable efficient mass-production of quality pharmaceutical tablets under tight process controls.
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